Action Evangelism has been reaching out to villages, cities and nations since 1972.  In the late 70's and early 80's extensive work in the Philipplines resulted in large crusades, nationwide television ministry and establishing churches.  In 1985 God led Jerry Brandt to begin outreaches on the streets of San Francisco through his nightly television ministry in Northern California on channel 42. He began his "Schools of Evangelism" equipping churches in kingdom witnessing and training in evangelism resulting in many salvations, healings and deliverances on the streets of San Francisco. In 2006 God spoke through two Christian leaders in Tampa Bay over Jerry's international ministry and AE began launching MAT (Ministry Action Teams) to remote villages . Kingdom Life University opened mission campuses and started remote village evangelism and church planting. AE's passion is to take the gospel to villages that have never heard. This vision has continued to grow and AE now has over 60 national directors in 19 nations overseeing village evangelism and KLU campuses. Action Evangelism follows the biblical principles of toal integrity and responsiblity in using mission dollars effectively. AE wins souls at the astonishing cost of 10 cents each. It's because AE mobilizes Nationals who effectively go to remote villages and hold outdoor evangelism multi-media presentations.



Collect used smart phones from your church, family and friends.  Uploaded with the "Jesus Film" and a bible, which have been translated into over 1,000 languages,


Your used phone becomes a "Smart Phone Missionary" to a village!





Go Viral!


Tools to share with your church & friends

1. Download PDF Smart Phone Poster & Instructions
2. Photo Poster & Instructions to your cell phone
3. Download Kolo Group app to show friends how it works


Smart Phone Missionary Poster  |  Smart Phone Missionary Instructions



Help provide solar panels for cell phones & shipping.  We have Nationals ready to distribute them.



Each smart phone is loaded with a bible and the "Jesus Film" in the village dialect. (Also, children's videos) A phone will be placed in an unreached village. A village representative will take it to each home. The phone will be solar charged during the day.



A Great Evangelism Tool!!!







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$1,000.00 MONTHLY & OTHER

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