About Jerry Brandt

I want to invite you to connect with me and together we can build a relationship that will help us both reach our destiny.  I believe in the internet as a vital tool to reach this world, this generation with God's goodness and love.  That is why I use so many of the tools on the internet.  I want these to glorify God and reach people.  I invite you to listen through the New Testament chapter by chapter from Acts to Revelation on THROUGH THE BIBLE live audio teaching 24/7 broadcast.  If you like video you can find my TV CHANNEL and many teachings like the book of Matthew and Revelation.  Also my passion for kingdom business men and women is seen through multiple teachings.  I love to teach the bible! 
  "JERRY'S GOSPEL ALBUMS"   You can listen to individual songs and choose one or all from the albums.
                 are both on Amazon and i-tunes.
THROUGH THE BIBLE  The bible is God's word.  Paul said, "The word of God is quick (life-giving) and powerful (life-changing)." Jerry teaches through the New Testament from Acts to Revelation chapter by chapter every 3 days with a  LIVE STREAMING international broadcast on www.kbbnetwork.biz.  To go directly to the online 'LIVE" player and listen click here THEBIBLE .  To watch Jerry's videos of bible teaching (like the book Matthew & the book of Revelation) go to Jerry's ONLINE VIDEO CHANNELPlease go to the google "playstore" on your android device and download Jerry's "App" player.  Search "kbbnetwork" install and move to the front page of your phone or pad.  You can then click on this "App" anytime and listen to God's word chapter by chapter. 
"Daily Revelation of Christ" Jerry now takes the gospel of the kingdom around the world 24/7 on the exciting new high quality radio and television network WATV.  If you are on the internet or have a smart phone or any tablet , you can catch Jerry world-wide on this link www.watvnetwork.com Download the "Android App" at google store.  Just search WATV and install the "App" on your unit.  Jerry joins the 40 other broadcasters who are part of the WATV network family.
"Just Ask Me" is a witnessing tool that teaches your people to write and print their own "story Gospel tract".  This course teaches people how to effectively communicate what God has done for them.  Please go to the books store and order the 1 hour DVD workshop and full "Just Ask Me" materials. 
 "Project Light" is a dynamic 3 hour "School of Evangelism" and "High Impact" community outreach where I teach your people to evangelize.  It reaches your city with compassion in an outreach that will be remembered for years.. I've seen it happen again and again! 
Our World Vision is to empower and equip indigenous "MAT' teams  around the world with equipment to win 1,000 souls and plant 2 churches per month and to open a "Kingdom Life Univeristy" remote campus which will train 100 pastors each over the next 3 - 5 years.  The goal: reach the 2.3 Billion people who have never heard the Gospel.  Action Evangelism practices the Law of Leverage to capture this harvest.  This is resulting in reaching souls for only 10 cents each!
It is with excitment that I anticipate hearing from you.  You can contact me at jbrandt4him@yahoo.com
Tell me your heart, your vision, your desires to reach nations.  Together we can discover the most effective way to reach your city, touch your world with fresh anointing and vision and most of all, form a friendship that will last for eternity.  Someone recently shared with me a great secret to happiness... he said, "Earthly happiness is the number of long-term intimate friendships we have with those we love". 
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To learn more about Action Evangelism's World Vision, go the the homepage
and to the world map.  Action Evangelism is doing four major things
to help finish the "End-Time" harvest.  We can work together!
                                             WORLD VISION
                             World Action Evangelism Association
                                      "MAT" Teams to the nations
                             Kingdom Life University International
                                      World Harvest Prayer Centers 
BA    Bob Jones University, Greenville, South Carolina
MA    Bapitst Bible College and Graduate Studies, Denver, Colorado
Private Pilot's Liscense, 1966, Multi-engine Instrument rating, 1972
- Over 46 years full-time evangelism  1965 - 2012
- Evangelism pastor for Beth Eden Baptist Church, Denver, Colorado  
  1965 -1968
- National Field representative for Baptist Bible College and Graduate studies
  1969 - 1970
- Associate Evangelist with Dr. Jack Van Impe  1970-1973
- Founder/Pastor Niwot Christian Center, Niwot, Colorado  1976-1979
- Founded Action Evangelism 1972
- Nightly Television program, Channel 42, Concord, Ca
- Built Clark Bible Institute, San Carlos City, Philippines
- Nation-wide television, Manila, Philippines (21 station network)
- Professor and teacher for Christian Life School of Theology, Columbus, Ga.
   2006 -2009
- Founded Kingdom Life University 2006
  (now in 19 nations with 50 national directors)
- Founded Kingdom Business Builders Network and Bible Study  2010 







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