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International Campus Application



     Host An International Campus


Train and Empower Nationals for Remote Village Evangelism, Church Planting and Pastoral Work 

Is God calling you to oversee a Campus to train and equip Nationals for remote village evangelism, church planting and pastoral work?  If so, apply as a Missions Director in your nation.  This is funded by Action Evangelism, as part of its mission program.  Multiple Directors are appointed in a nation, raising up many laborers for the Harvest.  KLU does not fund the purchase of land, building programs, pay salaries, classroom rent, printing costs, room or board for students, graduation events or any other costs in operating a satellite campus. 
Prayerfully consider your decision to oversee a KLU Campus in your nation.  It requires time and work. Our reward is hearing that your students succeed in their classwork and ministries, We look forward to working with you to reach your nation for Christ.   Kingdom come... God's will be done!  
Please read criteria requirements and the technology you will need to oversee a campus.  If you meet this criteria,  fill in the International Campus Application.   All courses and mataerials and in English.  All courses are large audio files that must be downloaded by Internet.  Use your cell phone and store on your computer to play to your students.  If you have a gmail account, store files in your Drive.  To play audios from Drive, open with Drive Tunes or Music Player for Google Drive.  The director's manual will give you guidlines and materials needed to oversee a campus.  Print materials, as needed.
We look forward to working with you to reach your nation for Christ. Kingdom come...  God's will be done!  
  1. Believe God has called you to oversee a Kingdom Life University remote campus in my nation
  2. A strong desire to train and equip Nationals for remote village evangelism, church planting and discipleship
  3. A mature Christian in good standing with a local church, able to oversee students
  4. Doctrinal agreement
  5. Suitable classroom
  6. Email a head photo jpg for your director's certificate
  7. Read KLU monthly e-newsletter
  8. Email regular reports
  9. Submit Annual Report
  1. Computer with speakers to play audios files to class
  2. Acces to printer to print paperwork and certificates / diplomas for graduation
  3. Personal Internet Service capability to download audio files
  4. Classroom suitable to handle class work
  5. Pdf Reader to access materials (free Adobe Reader download on Internet)
  6. Non-security email that does not require log in (e.i. Goggle or Yahoo)


The accredited degree program is online and is overseen by KLU Administration.  Each degree seeking student must have their own email and Internet device that will play videos.

  1. Your degree seeking students apply online at KLUonline.com.
  2. Your degree seeding student pay $49 (US dollars) application fee and set up monthly tuition online using a credit card or Paypal.  Undergraduate studies is $2,400, $100 per month.
  3. Your degree seeking students study, take tests and receive grades online at KLUonline.com.
  4. Your degree seeking students, upon completion of their studies, pay for the degree and notify Director of their completion of studies.


Upon approval, KLU Admin will email audio Bible courses and Directors Manual with course outlines, completion forms & certificates in PDF format to Director.  You will be given temporary access to our Cloud service to download audio courses, using your cell phone. We are a faith based ministry.  These materials are sent at no cost to you, as a part of Action Evangelism mission program.  It is a privilege to work with you to reach your nation.  We simply ask that you not sell the materials and use the materials with diligence, excellence... to the glory of God! The certificate and diploma studies are non-degree programs.  They are offered in a classroom setting.    
All KLU Degree studies are online at KLUonline.com and administrated by KLU Admin.
Training for Remote Village Evangelism & Pastoral 
(no tests - non-accredited) 
DENIAL OF APPLICATION:  Incomplete applications will be denied.  If you are denied, KLU will let you know the reason.  
If you do not qualify, you may resubmit when you meet the requirements.
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